Pros And Cons Of 3D Ultrasound Scans

The world of ultrasound has well and truly moved beyond the 2D imaging and record. Today we are well and truly into the world of 3D ultrasound scans and in fact, we also have moved to 4d ultrasound fort Walton beach in the world. There are obviously a number of reasons for the growing popularity as far as 3D scans are concerned. The main reason is that 2G scans are simply still images. On the other hand, when we talk about 3D scans we are referring to images and scan reports which show the movement of the fetus and the various parts of the unborn baby. The clarity of 3D images is also much sharper. Along with this, there are a number of other reasons which also make 3D ultrasound scans so very different from 2G scans. We will be looking at some of the obvious advantages of 3D scans and also will be looking at the downsides of the same. We are sure that it will help you in making the right choice based on facts and also get to know more about 3D scans and reports emanating from it.


There is no doubt that 3D ultrasound provides an image that is much sharper and then the traditional 2D ultrasound. The images are certainly much closer to real life images. They can help you to identify the physical features of the baby and find out how it will look like when it actually comes out of the mother’s womb.  The facial features of the unborn baby will be quite clear from the fifth month onwards.

Further unlike a traditional 2D ultrasound, there is no need for the mother to have a full bladder for getting a clear image. Hence this certainly is a big takeaway and a big relief for mothers.

It could also be useful in identifying some genetic problems and also for getting to know some defects and deformities which the unborn child could be suffering from. Further, it also has been useful in monitoring the functions of the vital organs of the baby such as the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, and brain. Doctors can identify any problem quite early in the day and take proactive steps as early as possible.

Yes, finally there is an element of cosmetic satisfaction which parents get. They would be happy to see the movements of the unborn baby and also have a closer look at the facial and other features.


However, there are some disadvantages as far as these 3D ultrasound fort Walton beach scans are concerned. Many parents often start using it indiscreetly and subject the fetus to a number of such 3D scans. This could prove harmful to the child because it could exceed the safety limits as far as these scans are concerned.

Further, the crystal clear images could often be misleading and could give a false sense of reassurance. It could camouflage some unknown physical problems with the unborn baby. These problems might have come to light with conventional tests and reports. Many mothers also consider this as a cheaper and cost-effective option because they might try and do away with the prenatal care under the assumption that everything is okay.

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