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ESHRE Conference Relocating To New Jersey

When we decided to relocate our last conference from NY to NJ we hired a long distance moving company from New Jersey. They came out to the site of the original conference and loaded all the tables and chairs up for us. The complicated part about the move however was the audio/visual moving companies njequipment. Packing that up properly was a true test, because the AV guys were gone on another job they were unable to move the equipment to the new site. The moving company drove down from New Jersey, picked up the conference equipment and drove it back to the other Hotel without any complications. Not only did they deliver everything on time but they helped unload and set everything up. The cost to relocate all of that for the conference was well worth having it all there when we needed it. We had a full house, people were standing and the event came off as a real success. The people in the back were able to hear the guest speakers because the sound equipment was moved with everything and that was super convenient. If we ever have a last minute move and need a long distance moving company in the Tri State area I will definitely be calling that moving company in NJ. The trucks were clean, the staff were polite, and they delivered when we needed it most. ESHRE conferences generate a lot of awareness for the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Our team enjoys coordinating conferences around the world to help educate those in need. If we ever move our Headquarters I will be contacting the long distance movers in New Jersey to help us out, they will get our repeat business and referral business from here on out!