Some Facts About Invisalign

When it comes to popular cosmetic dentistry, there are reasons to believe that Invisalign is often considered to be the preferred choice. This is because it compares very well with other conventional options including metal braces. It is much more discreet and the users would not have to reveal to the outside world that they are wearing braces and other aids to correct improper alignment of teeth. As most of us would know this process is becoming popular amongst thousands of youngsters who are keen to have their improper teeth aligned without too much of a struggle. We are certainly living in a world of looks and therefore we need to find out ways to make this a reality on the ground. We will try and get to know some facts about invisalign for the benefit of our readers.

 The Aligners Can Be Removed

This perhaps is one of the best reasons for choosing Richmond invisalign our other forms of braces. The users can remove it during brushing, eating, and flossing. This is not possible with the traditional bracket-and-wire type of braces. You can be more liberal with your food habits which are not possible with conventional braces. You could enjoy some food which is a strict no in case of conventional braces. But this comes with a rider attached to it. You must be sure that the aligners remain in your teeth at least for 22 hours a day for the best of results.

 Regular Cleaning Of Teeth After Meal Is Important

Even if you travel for a day, you must always ensure that you carry your toothbrush along with you. This is because after each meal, however small it might be, you need to be sure that your teeth are cleaned properly. Unless you maintain the best of oral hygiene, it is quite obvious that you could run the risk of infections or even decay during the period of treatment. There are no half measures you can afford and the cleaning and flossing have to be 100% thorough to remove all debris from different of the teeth and the invisalign device.

 Be Realistic About Results

Do not expect magical solutions with this innovative method called invisalign. It certainly is a much better alternative compared to conventional metal braces but there are no miracles available here. The process of straightening of the teeth does take time, and it also is a fact that the treatment period is lesser when compared to other traditional methods. You need to, therefore, set realistic targets when you decide to choose this method of teeth aligning and straightening.

 It Is A Painless Option For Many

In most cases, treatment using invisalign is painless for a majority of users. There are research studies to prove that almost 55% of users of this method have complained only of mild pain while the treatment was going. The good news is that 35% of users did not experience any pain and only 10% had pain which could be categorized as mild to severe. Hence it certainly is a painless and hassle-free option to straighten your teeth within a short period of time.

It May Not Be For Everyone

While invisalign can be useful for treating all types of Richmond orthodontic problems including overbites, crowded teeth, gaps or underbites, it may not suitable for complex cases such as severely rotated teeth or cases of deep overbites.