Keep it real with fitness blogger Lauren Patterson

We caught up with solo mummy, personal trainer, gym manager and blogger Lauren Patterson to talk about how she keeps fit and healthy and feeling comfortable in your own skin. 



I partied hard as a teenager and battled severe mental illness until the age of 22 when I fell pregnant with my first child. I began my Instagram account when Madi was a baby to post photos, but had no idea how to use it. I shared my journey of my first fitness modelling competition and straight after I fell pregnant with Max, which is when my following started to grow – perhaps people wanted to see how much weight I’d put on after doing a comp?

I began blogging shortly after falling pregnant, being honest about my struggles with mental illness. After going through hell in my first pregnancy, I wanted a way to vent my emotions, not thinking anyone would read it, but they did. I soon began writing for parenting websites and fitness magazines – my relatable and honest content gelled with audiences, which I loved!


There’s no point in painting a perfect picture when it’s unrealistic. There’s a way to be positive while still remaining relatable and honest about your struggles, which is what I do. I have body hang-ups just like anyone, yet I am often slammed because of the way I look. I’ve always been honest on my social media because it’s okay to feel and look the way you do, and be who you are!


Social media can be both good and bad, it all depends on the person on the receiving end’s mindset. I don’t post photos of myself with just a sports bra and tights often, but when I do it can go two ways: women either congratulate me for embracing the way I look or I’ll be slammed for looking this way after having two kids. But captions allow me to share the story behind each photo.


Comparison is the thief of joy. You can have ‘body goals’, but remember your body is your own, so treat it with respect and be good to it from the inside out and it will reward you by feeling amazing. Embrace who you are – often, by looking after your mind, your body follows suit.


My day revolves around keeping fit and healthy – it’s a lifestyle. The kids keep me on my toes and so does being at the gym and outdoors, plus I make sure our asses aren’t parked on the couch! We eat well but live a balanced lifestyle – if I feel like a burger or a drink with friends, I do it!

I meditate daily, read and practise mindfulness. And doing yoga and Pilates daily has changed my body and mind incredibly.


Starter: tummy tea to ease bloating and get my digestive system kicking.

Brekky: oats (often my first of two because I get up so early!)

Lunch: normally some sort of protein and vegies, rice or quinoa with homemade sauce.

Dinner: something the kids will enjoy, which I sneakily make healthy, such as broth and noodles with loads of vegies. If we feel like takeaway I’ll make a healthy homemade version!

Snack time: I’m not a snack person, so I eat bigger meals to keep me fuelled throughout the day.

Check out her Instagram page for more inspiration here.