Teeth Straightening: A Succinct Guide

Teeth straightening is associated with treating dental problems such as irregular shapes in teeth, defective position of teeth and problems in facial appearance because of crooked teeth.

Why is teeth straightening required?

Straightening teeth may be necessary and in some cases it’s essential. When crooked teeth are straightened, it leads to better performance. You’ll be able to bite and chew food better. Your speech will improve.

Apart from this all, it will improve your appearance when you smile. You can smile without getting embarrassed. When your smile is good, it improves your confidence and you’ll gain aesthetically pleasing appearance.

To straighten teeth, you need to undergo orthodontic treatment. It can improve your bite, improve dental health and reduces tooth wear.

What happens if treatment is not done?

If left without treatment, the defects in your teeth are likely to result in underbites, overbites, protruding teeth and so on. It results in an ugly appearance of your face. By undergoing treatment, it will help improve your appearance along with improvement in the functional benefits of teeth.

What are the options for teeth straightening?

There are diverse options for teeth straightening. We’ll discuss here a few.

Ceramic braces

Adults and teens in the later years can go for ceramic braces to straighten teeth. These braces will make a more realistic appearance when compared to other sorts of braces like metal braces. The function of ceramic braces is similar to those of metal braces.

Clear plastic aligners

When fitted, clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible. However, these are more suitable for people who have less severe orthodontic problems. You can remove clear aligners at any time. However, if you don’t retain them consistently and remove frequently, the desired correction may not happen.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are in the interior of the month and are not visible. These are custom made and are fitted in the backside of the teeth and not in the front. These are completely personalized and can be built according to the contours of the teeth. By this, they cause little discomfort and are more effective in causing the desired change.

However, the downside of these braces is that they are close to the tongue and may sometimes hinder speech. They may also pose a problem when eating.

Metal braces

Conventional metal braces are the most common sort of dental braces. They can be indicated for any age group – children, teens, and adults. They are the most economical braces. If you cannot afford to opt for other braces, you can go for these braces.

Note – you can undergo teeth straightening at any age

You can go for teeth straightening at any age. However, if you choose to go at a younger age, treatment will be easier without developing too many complications.

Complications may arise thanks to issues in teeth, filling or missing teeth. When you visit your orthodontist, they explain to you the issue and advise what sort of treatment you should undergo.


Teeth straightening is important and with the development of dental technology, it’s become easier, safer and faster. Of course, you need to see an experienced trained professional. They will assess your dental health and advise treatment accordingly.

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