Point of Entry Filtration – Advantages of This Method

Water is one resource that is available in its natural form. But mostly it contains harmful substances that might harm your skin. So, you should always look for methods that will help in removing the impurities present in it. Mostly water enters our homes through pipes and we are not sure about its quality at all. It is sensible that you do not compromise on the quality especially of drinking water at any cost.


Know more about filtration


There are two types of methods that are used for filtration. The first method is Point of entry filtration and the second one is Point of use filtration. First, one is also known as POE while the second one is called POU. You need to decide which method to use based on the requirement for your home. If you want to get the safest drinking water both methods can be installed. However, this might increase the financial burden on you. But the safety of our family members should be our priority.


In POE the process of filtration starts at the entry point itself while in POU the filtration is done where the taps are installed. Thus, one can say that the method of POE is in fact the best way to provide good quality water for the entire home. But if you are very conscious and concerned about the drinking water and want to have it in the safest form you can install both the filtrations.


Durable and easy to maintain


POE filtration is a process that is durable and is easy to maintain. There is nothing to worry about it for at least seven to eight years after you have installed it. Moreover, for big homes, this is the best choice. Through it, you will be able to get water that can be used for general purposes. Many impurities that are present in water like iron, chlorine, sulfur, dissolved solids, etc. can be easily and effectively removed from the water. No matter whether you opt for POE or POU the overall taste, appearance, and smell of water. So, if you have not got it installed till now, do not think too much and start to look for companies that are into installation work.


Trained and experienced technicians – A must


Remember that you need to take care and ensure that the entire filtration is installed with the help of trained and experienced technicians. If the Point of Use Filter installation is done properly, you will not face any problems later. After you are spending money for the safety of your family members so you will surely see to it the installation is done perfectly. If possible, you can also educate others so that they can also make use of this installation for their homes.


You can ask all the questions that you think are important so that in the end there is no confusion at all. To be on the safer side you can also request the quote and after that, you can give a green signal to start the work.

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How To Remove Lead From Water

Water, as we all know, is one of the most vital things for our life. We can perhaps stay without food for a few days but being alive without water even for a day would be almost impossible. As the population increases and as the demand for pure, drinking water also increases, there is a scramble for the purest quality of water everywhere. This has led to a depletion of pure water and the water table has gone down significantly in many areas of the country. This, in turn, has led to the quality of water getting worse gradually over the past few years. The water that comes to our faucets is not of the same quality that perhaps our grandparents or even our parents used to enjoy. It is getting contaminated with harmful chemicals, minerals and also microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses.

Therefore, there is a need to filter the water before it is even used for washing vegetables, leave alone drinking it. The water that comes to our home from the supply source is impure and it also contains large quantities of lead. Lead beyond a certain limit is extremely harmful and could lead to many side effects. It could lead to brain damage in children and could also hamper our renal and hepatic functions if it continues to be ingested in our bodies for a long period. Hence it is important to have the right Lead filter system for removing excess lead from our municipality water or even from groundwater. Let us see how this can be done.

How Does Lead Get Into Water?

The pipes that carry water to our homes, colleges, schools, and other places, begin to corrode, over some time. This can cause excess lead to slip into our drinking water. Further, the sources of water could be high in lead content. Water that is highly acidic or low in mineral content could also be more prone to corrosion leading to lead infestation.

The Role Of Water Filter

While avoiding iron and lead piping systems is the safest way to stop excess lead into water supplies, water filters certainly have a big role to play. They not only help in filtering excess lead from water but also purify the water and make it safe for drinking, cooking and other such purposes. While there could be many ways of removing impurities from water, reverse osmosis is perhaps the best option. This is because it is complete, total and removes almost 99% of all impurities from water. It has the capability of removing both organic and inorganic impurities from water and makes it safe for drinking.

Some Other Tips For Reducing Lead From Water

Distillation and bi-carbonate filter apart from reverse osmosis are considered to be other ways by which it is possible to reduce lead concentration from water. Distillation is an extremely slow process and it requires quite a bit of energy and that also from a heat source. Carbon block filters might be able to remove lead. They wear out quite rapidly and would require constant replacement making it unsuitable and unreliable.

The Final Word

To sum up, lead beyond normal limits is extremely dangerous and therefore the levels must be monitored regularly. You should not hesitate in spending money on a quality water filter that has the best of lead and other mineral filtering capabilities.

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