Can I Get a Car Loan in Australia with Bad Credit?

Australia is home to one of the largest groups of car enthusiasts and lovers and the result of that is displayed by the number of demand and production that exist in the country on products and appliances related to the automobile industry. It’s not necessary to describe anything else about the vehicles and cars as […]

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4 Core Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Core exercises are simply a series of weight-training exercises designed to strengthen and tone the body’s core muscles. These include the abdominal muscles that comprise the abdominal wall and the surrounding muscles around the waist, including the back muscles.  Core stability exercises work to strengthen these muscles to support the spine and entire body. These […]

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5 Ways to Cut Down on Booze in 2021

Since the pandemic began, there has been a major increase in the number of alcoholic beverages that customers are purchasing to drink at home. Plenty of people have found a lot of free time on their hands while staying at home, which is one of the main reasons why alcohol sales have risen. However, with […]

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Woodbury Meadows Senior Housing – Facts You Need to Know

There is a range of senior housing options available for your loved one. Senior housing referred to as senior living communities or retirement communities is designed for seniors and their comfortable living in their old age. They accommodate seniors over 55 and generally have all the major facilities needed for senior well-being. Woodbury nursing home provides their senior living community close to major highways, dining, hospitals, shopping, and local attractions.

What is senior housing?

Senior housing also referred to as retirement community or senior living is designed especially for seniors.

There are different types of senior housing

  • Independent living- This is senior housing where seniors have their living space. This is designed with a college dorm type of amenities to live comfortably. This is very convenient for seniors.
  • Skilled nursing/Nursing home- Skilled nurses or doctors perform the required medical treatment and seniors live there with medical assistance.
  • Assisted living- This is designed for seniors who require some assistance in taking shower, getting dressed, and other help. It is, however, not a nursing home.
  • Retirement community- The above 3 types of senior housing are combined in this one huge community.

How does senior housing work?

The majority of senior housing types are rented monthly. They vary in price depending on their locations, services, common area provisions, quantity, and quality of amenities. Service-oriented communities have more rental rate as compared to conventional apartments. It generally is about 60% to 65% of overall income while a conventional apartment is only 35% to 40%.

Provisions provided according to the type of senior housing

Senior apartments- They are identical to regular apartments. They meet the senior requirements such as low pile carpet, limited stairs, grab bars, etc. that keep seniors safe. There are no maintenance or yard work concerns. They provide safety measures to the optimum.

Independent Living- This type of senior housing has full kitchens, on-site programs connecting all seniors, book clubs, personal concierge services, full meal service, and other exciting places in the community.

Assisted Living- This type of senior housing assists with daily living activities. These activities include dressing, medication, escort to dining and mealtime, and so on. Some communities combine independent and assisted as well. There are memory care wings for dementia or Alzheimer’s suffering seniors.

Skilled Nursing- This type of senior housing provides senior assistance and nursing care. This is often for seniors who need more than assisted living due to long or short-term medical care or 24 hours medical treatment or rehabilitation. They provide dining services too.

Retirement Community or CCRC- This type of senior housing includes monthly service and upfront payment fees. This is a place where the seniors reside their remaining life.s

Assessing your options for senior housing for you or your loved one depends on your current situation and the loved one’s medical condition. You should be able to assess the present and possible future needs that can evolve. The needs should go along with your budget criteria.


Woodbury Meadows Senior Housing provides you senior housing based on your needs. There are spaces with tennis courts, golf courts, fitness centers, jogging areas, parks, and so on with comfortable, bright, and spacious senior housing to skilled nursing Continuing Care Retirement Community senior housing. Their housing is affordable and reasonable.

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