Meet your 2017 WH&F Brazilian Butterfly cover model winner Grace Shelmerdine


Your winner of the 2017 Women’s Health and Fitness and Brazilian Butterfly Cover Model Competition is this beautiful, ambitious and bubbly young mum, personal trainer and business owner from downtown Adelaide. 






Check out a preview of her cover model interview below and be sure to grab the September 2017 edition of WH&F for her full cover story and exclusive workout.


I don’t believe in excluding food groups. I like a diet that doesn’t feel like a diet! You should be able to socialise and enjoy the food you love while seeing progress. To lose my baby weight I tracked my calories and macros; now, I’m a little more relaxed and eat intuitively most of the time.


My baby-free time is rare, but I set my alarm for 4:45am Monday to Friday and get up to train while everyone is still asleep! I love my early morning sessions. I aim for four to five gym sessions per week: 50 per cent of my training is full-body PowerFit AMRAP style and the other 50 per cent is strength based. My favourite exercises are burpees and chin-ups – anything that will push me to my limit.


My life revolves around baby Chase’s routine. I wake up early, go to the gym, work while he sleeps and I like to incorporate an outdoor walk with him in the afternoon.


Relaxing is something I need to do more of! We live by the beach and there is something magic about watching the ocean while keeping active and getting fresh air. If I’m due for some TLC, I will treat myself to an Epsom salt bath and a face mask.

Model: Grace Shelmerdine //
// @grace_powerfit

Photographer: Jessica Apap //
// @jessicaapap_photographer

HMU: Cynthia Smyth //




Grace’s journey to landing the cover of WH&F mag:

My favourite training move is anything that’s challenging. I love to race the clock with a high-intensity full body circuit and, this might sound strange, but I also love burpees! I enjoy the feeling of conquering a physical challenge, plus this style of training provides fantastic fat-burning and conditioning benefits.

I balance work, family and fitness by working from home with my little man. I’m so passionate about my job that it doesn’t even feel like work – I do my best work when my son is napping. As a new mum, it’s harder to fit workouts in, but I usually get it done at 5am before the rest of the household wakes up! I also fit in a 60-minute walk during the day – nothing beats being active in the fresh outdoor air!

My advice to any fitness newbie is to start slow and not give up. Choose compound movements such as squats, lunges, push-ups and lat pull-downs to get the maximum benefits for your time spent at the gym


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