How to hotwire your workouts and stay motivated


While rewiring your brain in-workout can help – there’s not a lot of point if you can’t get yourself out of bed to train in the first place. 


Here’s Daniel Kane’s motivation refresher course:

1. Enjoy – first: find an exercise mode that you enjoy. You are more likely to continue an exercise routine if it doesn’t seem like a chore.

2. Two to tango: having an exercise partner can create a social element to exercise and they can hold you accountable when an exercise bout is planned.

3. Early bird or night owl: experiment with times for completing exercise and find what suits you best. Try to exercise consistently at the same time to increase the likelihood of maintaining an exercise routine.

4. Be flexible: each week and day will be different in terms of the amount of time and energy you can spend on exercise. As long as you are looking to do what you can when you can, the chance of maintaining an exercise routine is increased. Don’t be beat yourself up if you didn’t get to complete the exercise you planned to – as long as you’ve made time to do something, that is the most important thing when maintaining a habit.

5. Change it up: if you have been doing a certain mode of exercise for a long time why not try something different? It might be just what you need to reinvigorate your enjoyment of exercise

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