How to Find Marrow Transplant Clinic for Leukemia

A bone marrow transplant treatment is done with the blood-forming stem cells to replace the diseased or damaged bone marrow. This process is known as a stem cell transplant. You might need this treatment if you have leukemia, or your bone marrow isn’t producing healthy blood cells. The transplant uses cells from your body, or it can take them from the donor’s body. Let’s know more about this transplant in this article and how to find a reputed clinic for this treatment.

What is a stem cell therapy for leukemia? 

The transplantation of bone marrow is also known as a stem cell transplant, and it involves putting the stem cells into the bone marrow the replace the damaged cells. This process is done during radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

There are two main types of bone marrow transplants:

  • Autologous stem cell transplants: In this type of leukemia marrow transplant, stem cells are extracted from the patient’s bone or blood. After that, the specimen is frozen and reinserted into your blood just after the radiation therapy.
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplants:For this type of bone marrow transplant, the stem cells are taken from the donor’s umbilical cord or placenta. After that, the stem cells are re-infused inside the patient’s body after they have received radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

How to find a reputed clinic for bone marrow transplants? 

Leukemia marrow transplant is a complicated treatment, and only an experienced and reputed doctor can perform this procedure. So, you need to find a reliable clinic. Let’s find out the points below. aml leukemia bone marrow transplant.

Recommended doctor: You have to indulge in some research. Check on the internet for the reputed clinics or doctors. You can also ask your friends and family for referrals. Note down the contacts, and call the doctors to know more about their expertise.

Different health solutions: How to choose a reputed place? If this is the first thing in your mind then you must know a popular clinic will not just offer stem cell treatment to patients. It should be among hundred other treatments in the place. If you search on the internet about stem cell treatment places, there will be several results. You will get to see, the clinics that only provide this treatment and nothing else. These kinds of places are also newly invented. If you opt for such a clinic, you have to be careful, and gather more information about them before booking an appointment with them. If you find something fishy, you must check for other options.

List of successful cases: Reputed bone marrow transplant clinics have a list of successful cases in their directory. Although, this process is still under scientific research, from reputed places patients get some relief from their pain. So, when you are looking for a reputed place, ask for their list of patients and their success rate. A popular place will give you honest testimonials. But a fake one will show you the list of made-up names and their review. They will be mostly filled with 5-star reviews. You can also check the same online.


Leukemia bone marrow transplant is a boon for people who are suffering from the first stage of cancer. You can get a donor for the stem cells if your cells will not work. However, before getting the treatment, the doctor will test the donor’s blood, to check if it matches your blood type.

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