Fitness talk with the mastermind behind Tully Lou


We chat to Tully Lou founder/designer and yoga instructor, Tully Humphrey about her journey, training and fitness mantras.


I suffered from anorexia as a teenager and only recovered through constant yoga practice, which drew me into the health and fitness world. My day-to-day life now is hectic and constantly changing: some days I spend designing and running Tully Lou and then teaching an evening yoga class, while other days I might be at a photo or video shoot or spend my hours blogging. I start every day with a workout and end it with a 10-minute meditation practice.


I would say my body shape is strong and fairly ‘bottom heavy’ – I definitely have a booty! I used to hate my glutes when I was younger but I’m slowly beginning to accept them as I age.


I love to mix up my workouts. Lately, I will do a F45 cardio session at 6am and then follow it up with a Result Based Training (RBT) strength and conditioning class in South Melbourne. Both classes last about 45 minutes and I do them three to four days a week. I will usually do a cycle class and a few Pilates or yoga classes on the alternate days. Sunday is always my rest day. 


I’ve come to understand what training works best for my body. I used to train high-intensity cardio every day, but ever since discovering RBT gyms, I’ve come to love strength training – lifting has changed my body composition infinitely and I love the sense of empowerment I get from feeling strong. I have toned up and I can eat so much more food! And who wouldn’t love that? 


My arms I find the easiest part to maintain, and I usually incorporate one to two upper body sessions into my routine at RBT. I also finder reformer Pilates an awesome workout for toning and lengthening my upper body. At the moment I’m working on my lower half, particularly my glutes. I used to avoid squat days because I would end up so sore, but now I suck it up and make sure I incorporate at least one lower body day into my weekly workouts.


It has so much to do with what you put in your body. Sit down with your trainer and understand how your protein, fat and carbohydrate macronutrients breakdown should work. We often think we are eating healthy when it’s not the best choice. It’s also important to take a close look at your calorie intake – I actually discovered I wasn’t eating enough and was slowing my metabolism down, to the detriment of my body composition goals. Eating more of the right foods actually resulted in my body leaning out.


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