Fitness and training talk with M-Active ambassador Montana Farrah-Seaton


We caught up with trainer, former pro basketball and M-Active ambassador Montana Farrah-Seaton to chat about all things fitness, training and activewear. 

Can you tell us a bit about your career background and how you came about becoming an ambassador for M-Active?

I was scouted by Chadwick Models management when I was 15 after doing the Dolly Model Search. Modelling was on the back foot due to my basketball and school commitments but it’s now something I would love to do full time. I did M-Active’s second campaign in the middle of this year and the concept and styles they have created was something I loved. Being someone who lives and breathes fitness, they thought I fit their brand image perfectly.

What’s it like to represent Australia in basketball in an international championship?

Representing your country in any aspect is an absolute honour and I was lucky enough to do it several times. It’s demanding and a big commitment that requires a lot of work. I spent every day in the gym getting fitter and stronger and on the basketball court improving my shot and ball handling and training with my team. Physically, you have to push through so many barriers and look to the end goal knowing it’ll all be worth it.

I discovered the benefits of boxing a few years ago, which allows me to zone out and to push to another level, and I believe this has given me a mental edge in not only sport but in everything in life. Playing sport at such a high level was hard for me because I didn’t really have a lot of time to spend with friends and family, but everyone understood that these were some of the sacrifices I had to make in order to be competitive.

What is it like to compete at that level as a female and at such a young age?
I can’t even describe it – it was something I worked hard for, for so long. So many times I wanted to quit because it didn’t happen. Being away from home for weeks at a time gets tough (especially because I’m such a homebody), but my teammates and coaches became my second family. We achieved incredible wins together, taking home two gold medals at the Pacific Youth Championships and bronze at the World Championships in Russia.

How do you keep fit and healthy?

A lot of people think my training schedule is crazy but it’s always been like this for me. I train in the morning at around 5–5:30am, doing high intensity cardio and strength work at either F45 or Tribute Boxing & Fitness. When I’m not working, I practise Pilates or shoot a ball during my study break, and in the afternoon I train again or shoot ball.

What does your day on a plate look like?

I start every morning with a pre-workout and make sure I stay hydrated with plenty of water. But nothing happens until I’ve had my morning coffee!

I love smoothies or juices for breakfast as they allow me to consume extra nutrients and it’s an easy way to get more vegetables in for the day. Lunch and dinner are usually a source of protein such as chicken, steak or salmon with a salad or vegetables.

Throughout the day I love to snack on nuts or a protein ball.

On weekends I usually go out for brunch with the girls after a workout and have scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with all the sides!

M-Active is a good example of a brand offering on-trend activewear that can be worn in the gym or down the street. What are the key features of the M-Active range that make it a pleasure to train in? 

M-Active has done an amazing job at capturing all aspects of the market. I’m someone who loves to wear black or dark colours to the gym, and I love that their range offers these muted shades with just a touch of colour for those who like to keep it more subtle. All the M-Active tights and crops are so flattering for a woman’s body – they hold you in and make you feel secure while complementing your natural curves.

What are the key design elements of the M-Active range that you think contribute to its aesthetic appeal and sets it apart from others in the market?

The ‘seamless free’ range is a winner for me because I travel a lot and want to feel comfortable – they’re super comfy and easy to move in. I also love their ‘everyday wear’ range – everything from mid-length dresses to jackets – which you can wear to brunch, out shopping or to work, but are made out of the same fabrics as their active range. Again, comfort is my number one priority when it comes to clothing.

What’s your biggest tip for staying healthy during the holiday period?

Be mindful of what you’re eating and drinking but don’t stress about it too much. During the holidays I train every morning, whether it’s a HIIT session, weight training, Pilates or a long run or power walk with my mum, because it allows us to set good intentions for the day. Enjoy the little time you get to relax and know that once the new year arrives, it’s time to whip back into gear!

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