Fat burning full body workout


Burn fat, build muscle and lean lean lean with this efficient 30-minute full body workout courtesy of trainer, Amber Bloom. 


This full body workout takes just 30 minutes to complete and requires minimal equipment – so it can really be done absolutely anywhere! This training session will target your upper body, lower body and abs, while still incorporating some cardio to keep the heart rate high.

Each set has three exercises to be performed one after the other, followed by one minute of cardio (one round). Repeat each set three times before moving on to the next set. Take a one-minute break in-between each set (or between each round for beginners). As with any exercise, warm-up and cool down is always recommended.  

P.S: No skipping rope? No problem! Just jump in place, mimicking the movement.


Model: Amber Blom
Photographer: James Patrick


Set One

This first set focuses on your upper-body. You may want to choose a lighter weight since you will performing a high number of reps, or you can always drop the weight down as your muscles fatigue.

Repeat this set three times. Rest for one minute before moving on to the next set.

Bicep curl x 15 reps 

Make sure to keep your elbows in by your side, your hips tucked under and your core tight. Start with the weights fully extended down, then curl them up, squeezing at the top. Release the weight down to the starting position (resist the momentum and control them all the way down). 











Military press x 15 reps 

Start with the dumbbells under your chin, then rotate them out and up to an overhead press. Bring them down below your chin and that’s one rep.  Make sure not to arch your back as you press them up – always keep your core tight.


amber military-press-two.jpg


Push-up x 15 reps

The beauty of push-ups is that they can be modified to accommodate your fitness level.  You can do tricep push-ups, wide push-ups or push-ups on your knees (I like to do a mix).


amber push-up-amber.jpg



Jump rope for 60 seconds.  You can do alternating single leg jumps, jumps using both feet or any other combination you like.  This cardio burst between each set keeps your heart rate up and the calories burning! 


amber jump-roppe-cardio.jpg





Set two

This second set of exercises focuses on your lower-body. You may want to use a heavier weight for this set.

Repeat this set three times. Rest for one minute before moving on to the last set.

Deadlifts x 15 reps. 

For this exercise, hinge at the hips with a slight bend in the knee. Stand up and squeeze the glutes. You should be able to feel the glutes and hamstrings on each rep. Keep your shoulders rolled back throughout the exercise.




deadlifts- amber.jpg


Squat jumps x 15 reps

Start in a squat position. Jump up, extending the arms to your sides, before returning to a squat position. That’s one rep. Make sure form is not compromised on this exercise: your knees should not fall inward when you squat. 



amber jump-squats-workout.jpg


Alternating walking lunge with glute squeeze x 15 reps per leg

To perform this exercise, extend one leg out in front in a lunge position. As you stand up, raise the back leg and squeeze the glutes. Lunge forward with the opposite leg and repeat on that side. You should complete 30 lunges in total (15 on each side).




amber alternative-walking-lunge.jpg

amber jump-roppe-cardio.jpg



Set Three

This set is all about your abs and core.

Repeat this set three times.

Russian twist x 15 reps per side

This exercise hits the oblique muscles. Find a comfortable seated position with your feet elevated off the ground. You may have your legs bent for more stability or extended if you’re more advanced. Hold each end of the dumbbell in your hands and twist your body to one side then the opposite.  Complete 15 reps per side.






Glute bridge x 15 reps

Lay on your back with a dumbbell on your abdomen.  To perform this exercise, raise your hip bones up as high as they can, squeezing the glutes.  Lower your body back to the ground. This is one rep. Ensure your knees don’t fall in or out as you perform this exercise.  


hip-thrusts amber.jpg


One minute plank

This exercise helps cinch in the waist and stabilise the core. Rest your elbows and forearms on the ground, raising your hips to form a straight line from your neck to your ankles. The key to this exercise is to squeeze all your muscles! Think about your glutes, your core, your quads – they should all be activated. As you fatigue, it’s common to sag the lower back; resist this by squeezing all your muscles. And yes, it’s normal for your muscles to shake.


amber plank-one-minute.jpg


amber jump-roppe-cardio.jpg