When Should You Visit a Pediatric Dentist

The first visit of your child to the dentist must take place before his first birthday. The usual rule happens to be 6 months after the eruption of his first tooth. A Oklahoma City dentist will be able to prevent serious conditions such as tooth decay and will also help the parents to learn the methods of cleaning the teeth of the child effectively while understanding his fluoride requirements too. After all, it is possible for decay to occur once the teeth appear. Bringing your kid to the pediatric dentist early can result in a lifetime of proper oral care habits and your child will become familiar with the dental office thus minimizing his fear and anxiety which will help him to visit the clinic without any tension in the future.

How to prepare my kid for the first visit?

Prior to the first visit, ask the dental practitioner about the processes that will be adopted during the first appointment such that there are no surprises for your kid. Figure out a proper course of action for any kind of reaction that can be exhibited by a child irrespective of whether it is cooperative or non-corporate. Some particular young kids might be rather restless and might not sit properly while the dentist is treating them. It is important to talk to your kid regarding what to expect and you should also create his excitement plus comprehension about the forthcoming visit. Make it a point to bring any records of the complete medical history of your child along with you.

What is going to happen on the initial visit?

If your child becomes scared and uncomfortable, it might be required to arrange for reappointment with the dentist in the near future. Teach your youngster to be patient and listen to what the dentist is saying to him. If you visit the dentist successively for a few days then it will be effective in removing all sorts of jitteriness on the part of your child. Moreover, he will start believing in the dentist and will also obey what he is advising him.

Make it a point to schedule the appointment with the Oklahoma City pediatric dentist earlier during the day when your toddler is still fresh and energetic. If the child is under 3 years of age, the parent might need to sit in the dental chair while holding the toddler during the examination. Otherwise, the dentist might also ask the parents to wait in the reception area so that it will be easier to build a relation between the child and the dentist.

While examining the kid, the dental practitioner might perform a gentle yet comprehensive examination of the jaw, teeth, gums, bite, plus oral tissues so as to monitor the development and growth while observing any problem area too. If required, he might also perform a gentle cleaning for removing any tartar or plaque out there. He might also take the help of x-rays as well.

When should you visit the dentist the next time?

It is important for toddlers to visit the dental clinic at an interval of 6 months. While some dentists might also schedule interim visits every 3 months or so when the kid is quite young, it will vary from one dentist to another.

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