How to lose weight in your 30s

In your 30s, your hormones change and you burn 100 calories less per day than in your 20s.

1. Increase your muscle bulk

Your waistline starts to expand as your total body fat increases, and muscle mass and body water decrease. This is why you’re likely to see an increase in body weight and lose some of your youthful muscle tone, and why it’s important to increase your muscle bulk now – to promote greater fat burning during exercise and higher calorie burn around the clock.

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Beginners’ guide to personal training

PTs were once reserved for celebsville or the glossy pages of fitness magazines such as ours, but these days accessing a PT for a one-on-one workout has become a lot easier and more affordable, meaning it’s likely you’ve considered whether you should enlist their help, too.

PTs were once reserved for celebsville or the glossy pages of fitness magazines such as ours, but these days accessing a PT for a one-on-one workout has become a lot easier and more affordable, meaning it’s likely you’ve considered whether you should enlist their help, too.
These workout guidance gurus are rapidly growing in numbers and the fitness industry has become awash with PTs, making it easier for many of us to keep in shape and grounded to our fitness goals, but at the same time, making it harder to select the right one.
Here’s your guide to finding the perfect PT for you, what to expect and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.
The basics
A PT is a professional fitness instructor who assesses your fitness and health levels and prescribes a personalised exercise and training program to help you get fit, healthy and closer to your goals, which could be to lose weight, build muscle or more simply, tone up.
With a wealth of knowledge about the way our muscles work and how our bodies respond to exercise, PTs have an abundance of exercise know-how and can give you professional and sound advice on what type of exercise will most effectively work your body.
They provide one-on-one guidance sessions usually at a gym or studio, correcting technique, showing you which muscles to work out and how to get the most out of any exercise even when you’re exercising alone. Their role is to keep track of your progress, boost motivation levels, assist with maintaining a healthy eating program and provide a varied workout plan to keep your mind challenged and your body guessing.
PT and lecturer in personal training Arj Perera from Victoria University says the main idea behind personal training is to enable you to work harder than you normally would by yourself.
“You’re pushed to your maximum capacity; if you go to the gym by yourself and you’ve had a tiring and long day, it’s easy to be tempted to go home or work out at a lesser intensity,” Perera says.
“But with a PT you’re accountable to someone else and to yourself, and results-wise you’ll be able to more easily get what you want to achieve.”
Personal training is also about adapting to a new lifestyle, which PTs can create for you.
“PTs, especially senior PTs, can teach clients about nutrition, healthy lifestyle patterns and how to enjoy a lifestyle focused on health without it being too strict,” Perera says.
“As an example, I give all my clients a day off from their program and also custom-design a workout plan that fits with what they consider to be fun and enjoyable, which is important because there’s no point exercising and making diet tweaks when it’s unsatisfying and so rigid that it’s unachievable or very difficult to adhere to.”
Getting started
PTs are not just for health and fitness-conscious types who want to take their fitness program to the next level. If you’re new to exercise or gym workouts, having a PT to ease you into an effective workout plan is an ideal way to get started.
To consult with a PT at a gym, you usually need a gym membership, which is also good value for money because without it, you will have to pay for casual visits to use gym facilities, which can be costly, in addition to a separate fee to see your PT.
With a gym membership you’ll be able to access the profiles of the PTs working at the gym before you meet with one so you can be assured that they’re qualified (they must have a Certificate III and IV in Fitness).
You can also see the areas in which they specialise. Most PTs can help with weight loss, muscle building, toning and shaping as well as boosting fitness levels. Some PTs are qualified to help with post-natal workouts, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation, so you’ll be able to narrow your choices down to a few PTs who suit your needs.
Once you’ve got a few potential PTs in mind, Perera advises to observe how your potential PT interacts with his or her clients before you make an appointment.
“Look at the PT from afar when you go to the gym by yourself and, if you get a chance, have a listen to what they’re saying to their client,” Perera says.
“Are they correcting technique? Is their client working hard enough? Look at the service they’re getting and how they interact with each other and if that’s the sort of direction you’re looking for, then go ahead and book a session.”
Most PTs who work in large gym chains offer free initial consultations in which an assessment of your fitness levels is made and a rough, trial workout plan is proposed. Set up consultations with your potential PTs, so you can assess whether the PT has made a workout plan that is fun, achievable and detailed and whether it touches on all aspects of your lifestyle – your eating habits, work/life balance, fitness goals and current health or fitness challenges.
Ensure your PT also complements your personality. Getting along with your PT and feeling comfortable with them is important and while this may be easier with a female PT, you shouldn’t rule out male PTs.
“You shouldn’t limit yourself just to female PTs and while male PTs can be fairly big and muscular, they’re approachable, and many male PTs can train women’s bodies just as well as female trainers,” he says.
After you’ve decided on the right PT, set a two-month time frame to work with him or her. In this time, you should be able to start seeing the results you’re looking for, but if not, it might be time to start looking for another one.
The benefits
“With the right PT, you can engage in fitness activities you never thought you’d be doing and achieving results you never thought you could,” Perera says.
PTs can up the variety, intensity, fun and motivation in your workout, allowing you to be a lot more successful with your fitness pursuits than when working out alone.
“A PT also provides, or should provide, constant contact and constant support, which is really important – it not only holds you accountable, but it also means you know you’re getting a personal service where your needs are the number one priority,” he says.
PTs also ensure you’re performing exercise moves correctly, which is important when it comes to making the most of your workout and getting desired results.
They’re also results-driven – if your progress is slow or if you’ve hit a plateau, PTs can make effective reassessments to ensure you’re on your way to your fitness goals.
There’s also flexibility – you can see a PT to lose pregnancy weight gain or you can see a PT for a longer period of time, making it a complete, long-term lifestyle.
“It’s up to you how long you train with a PT – if you’re progressing and if the PT comes up with new things for you to do then you can stay with them for as long as you want to stay on track with your fitness,” Perera says.
The risks
If a PT gives you a very basic workout and you come away feeling like you could have done the workout without the guidance, Perera says this is not effective personal training.
“That’s a risk that can come into play when you’re training with an under-experienced PT who can give you a very basic workout plan that is not varied or creative,” Perera says.
“Take the time to find the right PT – the greatest disadvantage and advantage is that the industry is now saturated, so you’ll be able to compare the knowledge, experience and passion of some PTs with those who aren’t so enthusiastic,” he says.
Suffering injuries is another potential risk when it comes to working out with a PT. Be cautious as some PTs are less aware of the physiological structure of the body than others, which means you can sometimes overwork muscle groups, causing potentially dangerous muscle tears and other injuries.
“A PT must be attentive when it comes to the client experiencing working muscle soreness or muscle or joint pain, which could point to an injury, and also how the client is doing an exercise and how they’re feeling in order to prevent injuries occurring,” Perera says.
“It all comes down to finding the right PT – experience and passion are the most important factors in a PT and once you start training with the right one, you won’t want to stop.”

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Red rice paella

We love this red rice paella with chicken, mussels, prawns and spicy chorizo.


•    600g (2½ cups) red rice
•    100ml (5 tbsp) extra virgin olive oil
•    30g (3 medium cloves) garlic, finely chopped
•    150g French shallot, finely chopped
•    600g (4 medium-sized) chicken thighs, cut into 2cm chunks
•    2 large spicy chorizo sausages, cut into slices
•    1 cup cherry tomatoes plus extra for garnish
•    250g large mussels, cleaned
•    150g (1½ medium sized) red bell peppers, seeded and chopped into 1cm pieces
•    150g (1½ medium-sized) green bell peppers, seeded and chopped into 1cm pieces
•    5g (1½ tsp) pimentón picante (smoked hot Spanish paprika)
•    225g large raw peeled prawns
•    3g (1 heaped tsp) loosely packed saffron strands
•    1.5 litres fish stock
•    Himalayan pink salt
•    Bunch of rocket
•    Bunch of basil

What you’ll do

Precook the red rice (21/2 cups red rice to five cups water. It will take an extra 10 to 15 minutes more than white rice.)

Place a 40 to 50 cm paella pan over two burners on a medium heat. Add the oil and garlic and, as soon as the garlic begins to sizzle, add the shallot and fry for five to six minutes until soft and sweet, turning the pan every few minutes so that everything cooks evenly.

Do this throughout the cooking time. Stir in the chicken, chorizo, cherry tomatoes and mussels and stir-fry for three to four minutes until almost cooked. Remove from pan. Add the red and green bell peppers and pimentón, and fry for five minutes until the peppers are just softened. Scatter the prawns around the pan, add the rice and saffron, and stir everything together well. Add the stock and 21/2 teaspoons of salt and bring to the boil, stirring briefly to redistribute the ingredients around the pan.

Leave to simmer vigorously for six minutes over a medium-high heat, but do not stir it any more, remembering to give the pan a turn every two minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium, arrange the mussels, chicken and chorizo evenly around the pan and push them down slightly into the rice. Leave to cook for a further 14 minutes, again without stirring, by which time all the liquid will have been absorbed and the surface of the rice should be pitted with small holes.

Turn off the heat, cover the pan with a clean tea towel and leave to rest for five minutes before serving. Serve warm straight from the pan. Scatter rocket, basil and cherry tomatoes on top of the dish.

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Recipe from Amanda Battley, published by Buddha Soul Pty Limited/Jacksons Publications. RRP $39.99,

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Trikonasana (triangle pose)

Trikonasana (triangle pose) helps alleviate stress in the low back as well as stretch the legs and waist while keeping energy up by strengthening the legs and core.

How to

Take a wide stance with legs straight. Keep the back foot parallel and front foot facing forward. Lengthen the waist and bring your front hand to the shin or floor and top hand to the sky.  Keep the waist long, legs straight but not locked and core engaged. Repeat on other side.

Collin Poole, senior yoga teacher, Kaya Health Clubs.

Photo credit: Kaya Health Clubs.

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss?

Kylie Ryan, weight loss coach and qualified hypnotist of, explains how hypnotherapy assists with behaviour change by utilising the state of trance.

“Trance is a natural state, and one that people go into many times per day, The hypnotherapist encourages the client through voice tone, words and positive suggestions, based on their goals and outcomes. This will facilitate better communication and harmony between the clients conscious and unconscious mind.”

How does it work for weightloss?

Hypnosis works by aligning the client’s unconscious mind with their conscious desires. “Sometimes a client will sabotage themselves because their weight is related to an unconscious protection mechanism. Hypnosis helps them uncover their underlying sabotage buttons and release the beliefs and emotional trauma, so that they are aligned with becoming slim, healthy and empowered in their lives.”

Ryan says there are many published journal studies that indicate hypnotherapy has been proven to more than double the weight loss outcomes compared to a control group. “In one study in the hypnosis group lost 30 times the amount of weight of the control group.” She says hypnosis has also been proven to help maintain healthy weight over time.

Typical treatment

Ryan says her typical private treatment consists of five to ten 90 minute sessions, usually weekly.  “I will assist the client to a relaxed induction, to sit comfortably with closed eyes, then go into what is very similar to a guided meditation. I will help them to release a key block to their weight loss, often times this will have to do with beliefs about self-worth. Then in the subsequent sessions I will elicit the persons values and systematically work through releasing the blocks, trauma and limiting beliefs that have stopped them, while also assisting the client to become clear about the goal they are moving towards and the reason why they want to achieve that outcome.”

Find out your ideal weight, browse low-fat recipes and choose a healthy eating plan.

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Boulder Marijuana Dispensary

Good quality marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is available at a number of licensed shops throughout Boulder, Colorado. Each one of them is widely popular for their service, high quality products, and a wide range of varieties. Some of the most popular weed and marijuana shops in Boulder are as follows:


The Station is a capable of providing Cannabis strain, extract, edibles, blend, and flower as per the requirement of the customer. Its staff includes highly knowledgeable professionals, who show the willingness to help meet the recreational & medical needs of customers. The Station provides memberships for its medical customers. What makes The Station stand out than the others is its competitively prized and diverse selection. The aim of this dispensary is to close the professionalism gap that is known to exist in the community of medical marijuana. The range of marijuana products offered at The Station include recreational strains, concentrate, medical strains, flowers and buds, edibles, and daily specials.


Elements is another top-rated provider of medical marijuana based in Boulder. This dispensary strives to provide the community with the most affordable and highest quality cannabis in all of Boulder. Its stock is comprised of concentrates, glass, edibles, topicals, apparel & accessories. The vendors of Elements are believed to be the most reputable ones in Colorado. In addition to providing the cannabis products, this dispensary also serves to educate and satisfy all the cannabis wants and needs of its customers. Elements takes pride in letting its customers know that it uses natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals that other providers use to make fast money. More than making huge profits, Elements strives to cater to its customers’ satisfaction.


The Farm is a locally owned and operated marijuana dispensary in Boulder colorado, located at the center of Boulder. This dispensary claims to grow the cleanest, natural, and most potent craft cannabis. With the aim of caring about the well-being and health of its customers, employees, and the community, The Farm ensures that those who come to it for the satisfaction of their medical & recreational needs are all above the age of 21. With years of experience in this business, this dispensary has risen to become the number one shop that provides recreational marijuana in Colorado. The environment at The Farm is open, educational, and professional. Its staff is knowledgeable, welcoming, warm, and passionate.


This dispensary is located in the Pearl Street mall in Boulder and is a favorite spot of the natives as well as the tourists. Native Roots offers a large selection of products. Its staff is also highly experienced that serves to ensure that its customers get exactly what they ask for. This #1 retail dispensary of marijuana offers different types of recreational strains and weed products like topicals, shatter, wax, edibles, cannasap, and bubble.


The Boulder Wellness Center has won several awards for growing and providing best quality cannabis in Boulder. This dispensary employs only the natural ingredients and methods of growing cannabis. Each of their plants are hand watered and hand trimmed. Before making its products available to its customers, the dispensary conducts testing of all the medicinal and edible products. A few excellent features of this dispensary include special offers, friendly & knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and better quality products.

Several other popular shops serving weed for medicinal and recreational purposes to the residents of Boulder include The Village Society, Fresh Baked, Starbuds, Trill Alternatives, Karing Kind, Helping Hands Dispensary, Magnolia Road Cannabis, etc. Each dispensary is customer-orientated and offers competitively rich products.

How to break through cardio plateaus

If cardio is your thing, try new classes, get outdoors and give interval training a shot.

It’s going to do wonders for your cardiovascular fitness, as well as your fat-burning potential. If you found a fantastic workout five months ago and figured it was a keeper, no wonder you’ve hit a wall!

While you’ve been having fun and shaking that Zumba booty, at a cellular level your body has been eyeing off a comfortable rest.

Poorly designed training programs or monotonous routines are a breeding ground for plateaus and an easy way to waste years of well-intentioned exercise.

If you won’t listen to our experts, how about Albert Einstein? Einstein’s definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’.  You can’t do the same exercises over and over and expect your body to experience miraculous transformations, either!

Long-term improvements and changes in muscle tone and body shape as well as muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness can only come about if you train your body to respond to new challenges.

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10 ways to bring your holiday home

Returning to work after your annual 4-week holiday can feel like Monday morning on steroids. Extend that holiday with a few simple changes to your routine.

1. After walking throught the door, give yourself the first hour of your time.

2. Only do one thing at a time. Leave the multitasking for work.

3. Eat something you wouldn’t normally eat.

4. Turn the phone off after dinner.

5. Have a laugh. Watch a comedy or read a quirky book.

6. Leave the dishes for tomorrow.

7. Make up the spare room or sofa bed for an away-from-home sleeping experience.

8. Practice mindfulness with meditation or simply focus on breathing.

9. Get your partner to give you a massage.

10. Slow down – deliberately walk slower, talk slower, relax your shoulders.

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anti-ageing serums

Looking for the best anti-ageing serums? Look for skincare products with 8% vitamin C and 0.9 per cent vitamin A.

Sunscreen goes without saying, but to dodge the sun’s ageing effects you want a crack team of integrative potions.

“When I was 27 I was advised to use a vitamin C serum in the morning to stop pigmentation and a good physical sunscreen with zinc to prevent sun damage,” says aesthetic nurse Mike Clague from The Me Clinic (formerly The Ashley Centre).

Vitamin C, which also goes by the name L-ascorbic acid, is a potent antioxidant that stops skin from oxidising (skin’s take on rusting) in sunlight.

Cosmetic physician Dr Ron Feiner, from Cosmetica Medical Aesthetic Clinic, says daily application of a quality vitamin A – also known as retinol and retinoic acid – may also “afford a degree of skin cancer protection”.

We love

Regenerate Refuel 10% Vitamin C, $110,

Aspect Dr Exfol A+ Serum, $118.80,

To actually work, vitamin serums need to contain a certain percentage of their active ingredient, says Clague, the brains behind Regenerate Skincare. Department store products often fall short of the recommended 0.9 per cent for vitamin A and eight per cent for vitamin C. Sunscreen should have 10 per cent or more zinc oxide, Clague says. When in doubt, shop at a clinic or online.


Another ideal product, recommended by esteemed dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr Lanzer, is Retosin Exfoliating Vitamin A, which removes dead skin cells and is excellent for fine lines.

This versatile product is recommended for both prematurely aged and acne prone skins. Designed to gently remove dead, redundant skin cells while strengthening the skin, Retosin aims to revise the appearance of fine lines, dryness and sun damage.


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