Aesthetic appeal: how activewear JAGGAD came about


We chat with the creative director of JAGGAD Michelle Greene on how it all began and key design features that are making them stand out in the activewear market.



I first got involved when my husband and I purchased JAGGAD along with great friends Chris and Rebecca Judd in 2013. I came on board as the creative director in 2015, when the company changed its focus from triathlon and cycling gear to athletic apparel. I work closely with our head designer Georgie Pizaro to design garments that deliver both freedom and support when and where it’s needed, and always expressed through beautiful styling. The company has grown significantly in the last 18 months with the opening of stores in Brighton and Armadale, a growing online presence and recent capsule collections with J’aton and Rebecca Judd. We are currently developing some new fabrics and shapes to broaden our offering in tights in 2018.


We design our activewear for any person engaging in an active and healthy lifestyle; we want to empower our community and have them live with confidence. We are not telling them to run faster, push harder or jump higher – instead, we are here to support them on their journey. The ability to perform in any activity in our garments is a must, whether it is going for a walk with your friends, group training, or running a marathon.


JAGGAD Power Compression is Italian made and buttery soft to wear. It has two-way stretch for increased flexibility, and fits like a second skin without being see-through, thanks to the high density fine yarn. Compression helps with improved blood flow, muscular support and rapid post-exercise recovery. JAGGAD Signature High Support printed tights have a lux appeal with a soft sheen.

We use JAGGAD Merino Tech across a range of our tops, which helps to regulate body temperature, and are moisture wicking (no odour), breathable and lightweight. The wool is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre.


We have some really strict design pillars at JAGGAD when it comes to colour palette, prints and shapes. We also take inspiration from global fashion trends and infuse it into our design DNA. We appreciate that no two women have the exact same body shape, so we provide a variety of lengths, waistbands and fabrics throughout our range.  We only create engineered prints on our tights rather than a yardage (all over), which means we can control the placement of colours and patterns on the body to create the most flattering design. Placement of panels and lines are always designed with the aim to elongate the legs and give shape where needed.