A day in the life of winter Olympian Danielle Scott


We chat to June 2017 cover model and winter Olympian Danielle Scott about her nutrition, exercise, and healthy eating routines. 


DAY-TO-DAY: I spend most days flipping 20 feet in the air or skiing in remote places around the world. It’s pretty cool! 

DOWN-TIME: I love nothing more than to go for a surf and hang out with friends when I’m home.


ALL YEAR ROUND: I train half the year in winter and the other half in summer, performing my jumps into water. 

DURING WINTER : When I am on the World Tour in winter, my schedule can be pretty demanding – I’m in a new country each week. I’ll train about six days a week, which involves snow jumping, gym workouts, physiotherapy, sports psychology, as well as keeping on top of diet, sleep and recovery. Gym workouts involve three days on and one day off, with upper body and core on the first day, cardio and conditioning on the second day and lower body and core on the third day.


LOVES: I fuel my body with lots of natural and nutritious food! I love eating healthy and exploring new foods on the market. 

A.M.: I make sure to have a high protein and carbohydrate meal in the morning: such as Greek yoghurt and muesli to sustain my day. A good coffee or smoothie with some trail mix is always a must after my morning workout. 

LUNCH: Consists of a hearty salad or bowl of rice with seafood or lentils for protein. 

SUPPS: If I have a heavy training day, I will use protein supplements, but I try to choose a natural source of protein like cottage cheese on crackers.

DINNER: Something fun like fish tacos, home-made pizzas or a roast veg and salmon dish. My dishes are usually suited to how big my physical workload is on the day. For instance, on cardio days I will have lighter and smaller meals with less protein. Whereas on lower body strength days, I’ll up my protein intake to refuel and repair the muscles I have worked.


I listen to music, lie in the sun or go down to the water to relax and de-stress. 

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