A day in the life of cover model Alexia Clark


With a passion for helping others to live a healthy life (and not being afraid to admit she enjoys indulging in a sweet treat from time-to-time), the wonderfully raw and honest Alexia Clark

WH&F about her training and fit lifestyle.




I typically train full body every day but with a focus on one particular muscle group. My schedule varies from week-to-week.


I eat loads of vegies, healthy carbs and protein. And if I’m treating myself to a sweet treat, it’s dark chocolate.

My favourite ‘cheat’ meal is Halo Top ice-cream!


I typically wake up between 4am and 4:30am. I attend to emails and spend time with my dogs.

I train clients in the morning and get my own training in after that.

Once I’m done with my workout, I spend time working on new creative exercises to share on social media.

The rest of the day varies – from filming content and answering emails, to training clients and cooking with friends.


Fitness has been a huge stress reliever for me. I think more clearly and come up with my best ideas when I’m working out.


Website: alexia-clark.com

Instagram: @alexia_clark

Facebook: facebook.com/alexiafitness1

Photography: James Patrick // jamespatrick.com


Read her full cover model Q&A in the July 2017 edition of Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.